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Albert Romagosa Design Cabinet was founded on early 2014.

ARDC work has been published in several prestigious magazines, blogs and books like It's Nice That, This is paper, Étapes, Index Book and Thames & Hudson.

Albert has given lectures on stages like Baluarte (Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio de Navarra) or Elisava School of Design and Engineering (Barcelona).

Member, since 2015, of the Presidential Board of ADG-FAD (Association of Art Directors & Graphic Designers).

Albert is currently combining the design practice with teaching at IED (Instituto Europeo di Design) and at Elisava School of Design and Engineering.

Please take in mind that this website serves as a sample to expose and illustrate ARDC approach by a short selection of projects.


2014 — Silver Laus Award.
Project: Blue Fin. Client: Caves Mestres. Category: Packaging. (developed and won while working at Clase bcn).
2015 — Silver Laus Award.
Project: Andròmina magazine. Client: Andròmina. Category: Periodical publication.
2015 — Silver Laus Award.
Project: What If It Snows / Case Studies Volume One. Client: HUNCH. Category: Complete book.

Albert Romagosa Design Cabinet

Worldwide Graphic Design and Art Direction services

Adolfo Abejón

Identity, website and catalogue for contemporary furniture design brand Adolfo Abejón. Taking its minimal and clean designed furniture as a starting point, we work with material and color giving dynamism to each piece. Mobiliario is its last catalogue, showcasing all furniture released by the brand and more exclusive content. Visit site here.

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Art direction, catalogue and alphabet design for the Nowhere collection (Spring-Summer 2016) by HUNCH. Photography by Carlos Moreno. Make up by Laia Rubiano.

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Marcelo Ranzini Arquitectura

Identity and website design for architect Marcelo Ranzini with offices in Spain and Argentina. His minimal and dialectical approach to architecture has been reflected on the visual identity and communication language. Visit site here.

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Brand identity, visual language and website design for home furniture brand ISVI under the creative direction of Adolfo Abejón. Product photography by Anna Alejo. Visit site here.

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What if it Snows

Winner of a Silver Laus award. This book is fully waterproof. We worked on the conception, photography and design of this book for HUNCH. It is included on their first capsule collection Alpine Basics. Buy it here.

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Can Felipa Arts Visuals

El Bon Risc ("The Good Risk" in Catalan) is what we understand that participating in Can Felipa's Visual Arts Contest means. Risking is usually considered as an action that can have negative outcome. However, our bet is on a good risk that can lead to glory. This is how the image we've created works; the high risk design plays with form and message, making something beautiful out of that bet.

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Website and stationary design for fashion brand HUNCH. Visit site here.

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Artwork for Gullen's second EP named Bergen. We took this photography with a conventional digital camera, without digital retouching. Released by Berlin based label Mindfield Records.


AASS Correduria

Graphic identity for insurance brokerage company.

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Catalogue and identity design for this exhibition by filmmaker Sergi Castellà and photographer Laia Benavides. Orla explores today's migration impact on school classes. (Project developed as and with Entiendo)

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Andròmina magazine

Winner of a Silver Laus award. Creative direction and Graphic Design of Andròmina, a magazine about stories hidden behind the objects. For more information and options to purchase click here or contact us.

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Retrats Sense Sostre

Graphic communication for this cultural and social project curated by Albert Soler. It exposes 12 multidisciplinary portraits of 12 homeless people, made by different artists, in 12 different spots around the city of Barcelona. The graphic response exposes the content with no hierarchy, in order to make everything look to have the same importance, in a way, this is what the curatorial project does. The anchor/arrow marks the different places around the city.

Poster Communication pieces

Gina Barcelona Architects

Corporate identity for Gina, a new architecture studio that works on large scale projects all around the world. Its logotype visually reflects where the name comes from; Grup Internacional d'Arquitectura. (Done at Clase bcn)

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Ceci The Pimp

Album artwork for trap singer Cecilio G. Makeup by Laia Rubiano. Buy it here.

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El Cercle Restaurant

We art directed and designed the identity, website and graphic communication of El Cercle, a restaurant by Albert Ventura located in the heart of Barcelona. Photography Pau Esculies. Architecture by Alfredo Arribas. Visit site here.

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Blue Fin Packaging

Winner of a Silver Laus award. Sleeve design for a beverage by Caves Mestres. This cava has been especially created to be paired with bluefin tuna. The white and blue stripes reflect its seafaring spirit. (Done at Clase bcn)



Art direction and photography for our contribution to Sergi Vilà's book about sayings. We should work on the proverb «One nail drives out another» so we shot two images of two different women and overlayed them by collage.